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Cassettes, tape, future productions, and more from the late great John Cage.

I have always loved the sound of tape. The noise, the hiss, the warmth and distortion. Nothing sounds like it, and nothing can ever truly emulate it’s sound. The only way to get ‘that tape ...

Feb, 18 · in Features

Q&A with Ezekiel Honig

Ezekiel Honig (left) and Josh Ott (right) performing at The Future is Beautiful, March 2009. Photo by Zach Dilgard Ezekiel Honig is one of those musicians whose music lives in a world of it’s own. Not quite ...

Nov, 09 · in Features

So, what does Atman mean?

While reading Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’ I was exposed to the Dharmic concept of Atman, which, when following the Hindu interpretation, roughly translates as the global soul, also called ‘universal energy’. It also means ...

Aug, 11

Transelectronic Theory – Cassette Rips

This is a, more or less, and accidental release. During the day yesterday, while working, a lot of information pertaining to analog tape kept coming up throughout the day. Blank tape adverts, cassette shell websites, ...

Jul, 30

TFIB Presents: Schematic’s Dukes of the Stratosfear Tour, 2010

** TFIB is proud to present the NYC leg of the Schematic’s Dukes of the Stratosfear tour, 2010. ** Start Time: Saturday, July 24, 2010 at 10:00pm End Time: Sunday, July 25, 2010 at 4:00am ...

Jul, 15

Announcing: Atman – by RJ Valeo

On June 1st 2010 RJ Valeo will release his follow-up album to his highly acclaimed Type Records release ‘September’, entitled ‘Atman’. Drawing inspiration from his recent study of Buddhism, coupled with his love of modern ...

May, 11

Richard J Valeo – A Scattering of Seeds

‘A Scattering of Seeds’ builds on the dark and atmospheric ideas presented in last year’s ‘The Hardware Excursions Volume One’. Sound design, drones and field recordings are manipulated in real time using granular synthesis, delay, ...

Feb, 16