Generation loss and the tapeless generation

I am beginning to have concerns about the digital world we live in these days. It is fine for one way autonomous rants and monologues (as I am demonstrating here), but there is a real ...

Mar, 14

The medium does effect the message, for sure.

This is a response written to a comment on someone’s FB profile… The medium does effect the message, for sure. One thing to keep in mind is how we locate the material which we read, ...

Mar, 02

So, what does Atman mean?

While reading Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’ I was exposed to the Dharmic concept of Atman, which, when following the Hindu interpretation, roughly translates as the global soul, also called ‘universal energy’. It also means ...

Aug, 11

The Gestalt Foundation

Early in 2008 I started working on launching a non-proft organization dedicated to promoting the electronic arts. The non-profit’s launch was scheduled to be in October of 2008, kicking-off with a 3 day festival, along ...

Aug, 01

Live Performance Ethics

I have been studying many different ways to perform electronic music live over the years, and have tried just about all of them. I’ve done all hardware sets, all software software sets, full-on totally sequenced ...

Jul, 28

An artist perspective on playing live

Over the last 7 months I went on a very enlightening journey. I decided that I not only wanted to curate and produce a monthly event, but that I wanted to perform at it too, ...

Jul, 24

Philip Sherburne: This Month in Techno

So, Philip Sherburne wrote a post this week on Pitch Fork called “The Month In: Techno” It starts out like this… “Everything feels fucked up. The environment, the economy, war, terrorism, an unraveling Constitution, obesity, ...

Jul, 18


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