RJ Valeo

RJ Valeo with Justin Gibbon and Justin Miller – The Philadelphia Recordings

The Philadelphia Recordings RJ Valeo with Justin Gibbon and Justin Miller RJ Valeo, Justin Gibbon and Justin Miller making ‘The Philadelphia Recordings’. Miller opening the blinds on Sunday morning. One of the amps used in ...

Mar, 25

Announcing: Atman – by RJ Valeo

On June 1st 2010 RJ Valeo will release his follow-up album to his highly acclaimed Type Records release ‘September’, entitled ‘Atman’. Drawing inspiration from his recent study of Buddhism, coupled with his love of modern ...

May, 11

Richard J Valeo – A Scattering of Seeds

‘A Scattering of Seeds’ builds on the dark and atmospheric ideas presented in last year’s ‘The Hardware Excursions Volume One’. Sound design, drones and field recordings are manipulated in real time using granular synthesis, delay, ...

Feb, 16

Richard J Valeo – Days EP

RICHARD J. VALEO For this musical exploration, entitled Days, I decided to strip my composition processes and production methods down to the bare minimum. To begin with I limited the amount of time that I ...

Nov, 29

Devolution Series Original Art and Liner Notes

Originally released in 2001 as ‘transelectronic_theory.devolution&&intimation.3′ this release had different covert art, different liner notes and a different track order. Original art above, and original liner notes and track order below. process, product, evaluation & ...

May, 20

Richard J Valeo : Devolutions Volume One & Two

Label: Io Records Catalog Number: iod.001 & iod.003 Release Date: March/April 2009 Format: Digital The Devolution Series’, initially released partially in 2001, is a universe created by Richard J Valeo where machines speak to each ...

Mar, 19

Richard J Valeo : The Hardware Excursions Volume One

Label: Io Records Catalog Number: iod.002 Release Date: March 2009 Format: Digital Hardware Excursions Volume One: The Hardware Excursions is a series of compositions composed using only harware. Excursion One and Excursion Two are completely ...

Mar, 19


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