Transelectronic Theory – Cassette Rips

This is a, more or less, and accidental release. During the day yesterday, while working, a lot of information pertaining to analog tape kept coming up throughout the day. Blank tape adverts, cassette shell websites, ...

Jul, 30

Percussion Lab, Jet-Lag, NYSOM

Recently I had the honor of having a a feature written about my Isomer Transition project, as well as an exclusive live performance featured on Percussion Lab. The live performance was recorded in the summer ...

Dec, 09

Soundcloud Profile and Dropbox

I really love soundcloud. If you have never heard if it before, just pop on over and you’ll see what it is all about. It is one of those services that changes they way you ...

Nov, 29

Download Isomer Transition Mixes – Free Downloads

Here are a few of the mixes and live sets that I have available for download. I figured I would put them all in one spot for easy access. The mix for SamuraiFM from earlier ...

Jul, 24

Isomer Transition – DJ Set – Philadelphia – May 21st

Isomer Transition – DJ Set – Philidelphia May 21st by rjvaleo Here is a nice DJ set from when I recently played down in Philadelphia. Hit me up if you’d like the set list. Enjoy.

Jun, 03

Exclusive Track Preview: Isomer Transition – San Pellegrino

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some new Isomer Transition material, so I wanted to put something up here for y’all to get your ears on. This track is in a new style for ...

May, 30

Time Machine – Vintage Mix Tape Found – Meat Beat Manifesto, Front 242, Eon, KMFDM, Nitzer Ebb…

Back in the early ’90′s I used to be really into industrial and the darker side of electronic music. I used to get stoned and make mix tapes to play in my 1986 Bronco II, ...

Mar, 01


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