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RJ Valeo with Justin Gibbon and Justin Miller – The Philadelphia Recordings

The Philadelphia Recordings

RJ Valeo with Justin Gibbon and Justin Miller

RJ Valeo, Justin Gibbon and Justin Miller making ‘The Philadelphia Recordings’.

Miller opening the blinds on Sunday morning.

One of the amps used in the session.


RJ Valeo — Ableton Live, Synths and Electronics

Justin Gibbon — Drums and Percussion

Justin Miller — Bass and Percussion

Miller and Gibbon warming up.

Produced, composed and mixed by RJ Valeo in Brooklyn, NY and Atlanta, GA.
Engineered by Justin Gibbon, RJ Valeo and Justin Miller at SINErgy Art Space in Philadelphia.
Mastered by John Twells at Seventh Door in Massachusets

All songs were recorded live in ‘one take’ with no overdubs. All electronic and processed sounds were played through guitar amps and recorded with microphones at SINErgy. No ‘direct’ sounds, edits or post-production is present in these recordings.

Our goal for this project was to capture the cavernous expanse of the room’s natural sound and our performance in it, and to translate that space and live feel into the final recordings.

We set up the drums, amps, synths and effects in SINErgy Art Space, a 4000+ square foot loft in the heart of Philadelphia, at 2 am on a Friday night — and then proceeded to perform and record for two days and nights straight. When we played each song we played it in it’s entirety each time, and each time we recorded it. Some songs wer played up to seven times to capture ‘the take’ for the release. We played through guitar and bass amps and recorded only the sounds coming out of them. We used the natural reverb of the room, and captured the room’s tone using mics suspended from the ceiling. We close mic’d the various Orange and Ampeg amps to provide detail in the final mix, and everything was multitracked so it could be properly mixed later.

A very special thanks to: Justin Gibbon for sourcing microphones and equipment, for gracing us with his hospitality and dedication, and who was at the center of making this project to come to life; to Justin Miller for his countless hours in the Transelectronic Lab, providing inspiration, and being a source of endless enthusiasm; to Jessi Valeo for being the most supportive partner a man could ever ask for (and for taking the cover photo + others); and to Jamie Maffit for years of inspiration, and for hosting the entire team for the duration of the session. A very sincere and heart felt thanks to Charles LaBarbara for the bass loops at the core of ‘Silver Palace Rope’. A huge thank you to Brad Rose for believing in this work’s vision and releasing it, and to John Twells for all of his inspiration, guidance, help and support over the years. If it were not for the combined efforts and support of the people listed here this release would not have been possible.

The last morning.


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  1. travisbush104

    Wow one take recording, that’s awesome. I’m listening to your tune now. And I kinda like it so far. A bit plain in the beginning. Good job!