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SND, Mark Fell, and William Gibson’s ‘Future’

Above is a video of Mark Fell and Mat Steel performing as SND at the Lovebytes festival in 2008. Notice how they don’t move. Notice how they don’t put on a show. Notice how they don’t ‘entertain the crowd’. The simply perform music, live, with no gimmicks and no flash. This is perhaps the biggest statement that could be made by electronic musicians today. A statement that says ‘Don’t look at us, just listen to what we do. We make music, we are sound artists, we aren’t entertainers.’

Above is one of Mark’s solo projects, a still from ’2048×1080 projection with 8.2 sound’ at “isomorphism and totality” sensoria 2010, sheffield. Notice how not only does the piece not have a name, but the visual looks like it is moving when it isn’t. Most of Marks work deals with this sense of movement while not moving, or even, not moving while moving. Moving through time, moving through pixels, moving through the air…

Take a look at Mark’s solo work here.

Our last item for today comes straight out of William Gibson’s most recent novel, Zero History. It is important to note that Gibson’s work has steadily been moving from the future into the present ever since he penned his most famous work Neuromancer. Each subsequent novel takes place in a world that is a little closer to our realty than the last, moving from a dystopian future, into the actual NOW in his most recent book. Being prescient of the future is one thing that Gibson is great at. From predicting the internet, augmented reality, the rise of Dub influence in music, and now, The Festo Air Ray, a flying silver manta ray. Well, actually, he lifted this one. He didn’t invent it, he simply used it.

SND, Mark Fell, and William Gibson. Back from the future to show us they way to the present.


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