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Donating all proceeds from Bandcamp sales and performances to Japan for one month

I want to do something for the people of Japan, and this is one small thing that I can do for them.

I am donating all proceeds from sales on Bandcamp, and all fees associated with gigs to Japanese relief efforts for the next month. It makes sense for electronic musicians to support Japan. Simply put, the foundational sounds of electronic dance music are primarily sourced from 2 machines – the Roland TR808 and Roland TR909. If it’s not an 808 or a 909 it is a sound that was inspired by these two machines. These iconic machines that reshaped what simple people could do with affordable technology and changed the landscape of music forever.

Here are the links to the BANDCAMP pages where you can purchase releases, with all proceeds being donated to a Japanese Relief Effort. In addition to BANDCAMP sales I am donating all fees from performances to Japanese relief efforts.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that you too take part in some sort of relief effort to help one of the countries that has helped to shape and define the 21st century.


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  1. rj valeo

    In order to make sure that the money goes to a good cause I am working with several Japanese nationals to make sure that the charity we give to is one that is doing good work in regards to the relief efforts.