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RJ Valeo with Justin Gibbon and Justin Miller – The Philadelphia Recordings

The Philadelphia Recordings RJ Valeo with Justin Gibbon and Justin Miller RJ Valeo, Justin Gibbon and Justin Miller making ‘The Philadelphia Recordings’. Miller opening the blinds on Sunday morning. One of the amps used in ...

Mar, 25 · in RJ Valeo

Isomer Transition LIVE on Percussion Lab @ Sweet Revenge : Monday May 9 2011

I will be performing as Isomer Transition this Monday at midnight on the Percussion Lab Radio show in their new home, Sweet Revenge located in Clinton Hill Brooklyn. (May 9th 2011 at midnight). Gone are ...

May, 07 · in Events,Features

SND, Mark Fell, and William Gibson’s ‘Future’

Above is a video of Mark Fell and Mat Steel performing as SND at the Lovebytes festival in 2008. Notice how they don’t move. Notice how they don’t put on a show. Notice how they ...

Apr, 14

Donating all proceeds from Bandcamp sales and performances to Japan for one month

I want to do something for the people of Japan, and this is one small thing that I can do for them. I am donating all proceeds from sales on Bandcamp, and all fees associated ...

Mar, 16

Generation loss and the tapeless generation

I am beginning to have concerns about the digital world we live in these days. It is fine for one way autonomous rants and monologues (as I am demonstrating here), but there is a real ...

Mar, 14

WNYC.ORG – RadioLab – HELP!

Season 9 | Episode 3 // HELP! What do you do when your own worst enemy is…you? This hour, Radiolab looks for ways to gain the upper hand over those forces inside us–from unhealthy urges, ...

Mar, 11

The medium does effect the message, for sure.

This is a response written to a comment on someone’s FB profile… The medium does effect the message, for sure. One thing to keep in mind is how we locate the material which we read, ...

Mar, 02